These types of restraints are most common in bondage and BDSM scenes. They are aimed at stopping the submissive from fleeing or going. And when clothed women do it to naked men – that is CFNM Restraint. They are also used in acts such as CFNM humiliation, cock-and-ball cruelty, and punishment. Being restrained by a dressed woman enhances a man’s sense of helplessness and humiliation and makes it look like the woman is in total charge. Erotic restraints can be thrilling with the addition of sex toys. They will step up a stage for roleplay between the dominant-submissive.

Erotic restraint refers to bonding gears that serve as restraints, such as cuffs, ropes, and chains. They can be used to control the submissive’s wrists, limbs, thighs, and feet. The feeling and sexual strength of the restraints vary based on the application, tightness, and other BDSM gear used. Browse the CFNM Restraint category; you can find the videos such as a couple of dressed MILF restraint naked young teen and suck his dick; A young teen girl clothed with a tight pussy gets punished by few monster dicks; A tinder date converted to hardcore sex when a muscular guy bangs naughty slut, etc.