Takedown Request

In a case you find your personal or copyright material which you would like to be removed from this website you can send takedown request by sending an email HERE with the following content:

  • Subject: Take Down Request
  • Provide direct URL(s) to the content you want to be removed.
  • DMCA notice of copyright infringement as described here, or, Proof of identity (POI) in a case you don’t have DMCA – As a POI you can send a photo of your ID, driver’s license, or any other document with your clearly recognizable photo, or name, or both name and photo. In order to keep your private information, you can hide all the other fields in the document before taking a photo. Proof of identity will be used only for the purpose of identifying a person which image or name is published on this website and will be deleted immediately after the process.

All of the above must be included in the request. Incomplete requests, requests that include a low-quality photo of POI or wrong and illegal DMCA documents will be considered invalid. In order for any further actions to be taken, a request must be valid. All the requests will be processed in a timely manner and you will be notified about the result.

This website works on an automatic basis. The script scrapes content from the web and passes to the admin’s illegal content filter before publishing them randomly. Because of this, it happens that some copyright material or images without the consent of the owner can be published. Thank you for understanding.